Sunday, 19 January 2014

living it Largs

I don't tend to mention on the blog where it is we actually live, preferring to refer to rainy town or seaside town, but I think a lot of people reading know that when I say seaside town I mean Largs, on the West Coast of Scotland.

Largs from the ferry

Largs is a lovely seaside town in a beautiful location, with hills and moorland to the back of the town, the front looks out across the waters of the Clyde to the islands of Cumbrae and Bute.  

A ferry industriously putters back and forth from the town to Cumbrae (and it's not far up the coast to the glorious train/ferry station at Wemyss Bay, to get the ferry to Bute).  You can get here by road, or by rail from Glasgow.

The town offers lots of things to do.  There's plenty of shops on the high street, a monthly farmer's market at the Marina, and lots of pubs and cafe's should you want for refreshment.

A special mention here of course for the marvellous Nardini's restaurant and ice cream shop.  You can't book, but they seem to be unflappable (even if you turn up with 15 - we've tried it!), and the ice cream is fabulous.  People buy it to take out all year 'round, but I love to get it in the summer, and eat it on the grass across the road, while watching the boats go by.

So, what else to do in Largs?  If it's your thing I'm told that the sailing at Largs is some of the best there is.  There are lots of things to do at the Marina.  There are walks around the town too, ambling along the beach, or even heading up the hills at the back of the town, to Greeto Falls, where you're advised not to swim... although many do.

If you're staying longer there are some fantastic leisure facilities in Largs.  I should first of all mention Vikingar!  It has a swimming pool, a soft play, and a Viking Experience which should not be missed (although small children might not be keen on the axe work).  It's also home to a theatre, and it's the new home of the Roller Coasters - a roller skating group for amateur adults.  A few of my friends are roller coasters and I hugely admire them.

Largs is the home of the Inverclyde Centre for Sports Scotland.  An amazing gymnastics resource which helps to explain why the best gymnasts in Scotland are from Largs.  I've written a whole post on it here.

There is also a bowling alley in one of the town's amusement arcades, and to top it all off, there's the best sunsets.

All these things, great schools, and family nearby, are what make me happy to be living in Largs.  But lots of you have been here.  What do you like about Largs?

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