Sunday, 26 January 2014

poking the genome

Did you know that when you're pregnant, copies of your foetus's genome are floating about in your blood?

It's possible that in the future, alongside the other regular blood tests we have now, we could have a look at our baby's genome - perhaps even tweak it.

By doing this we could eradicate some devastating genetic illnesses, like cystic fibrosis perhaps.

We could maybe eradicate debilitating conditions, like asthma and excema.

Perhaps one day we could find some genes that make people more likely to be obese, and tweak them, so we wouldn't need to worry about our children being fat any more.

Perhaps we could tweak the hair a little, so it's not so frizzy, or so lank, or whatever it is we don't like about ourselves.

There are difficult questions to consider about all of this, but do you think you'd take the test, if it were available?  And if you'd take it, would you tweak?

With asthma running in my family I would definitely take the test, and tweak it out if possible.  I'd be tempted to tweak out obesity while we were at it, if that were possible, although, I'd be worried about the slippery slope that might mean we're on.

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