Sunday, 5 January 2014

taking stock

Hello all.  Anyone heartily sick of the wind and rain yet?  It's been knocking seaside town about a bit - there's holes in the prom, and gaps in the shore road.  My in-laws said the decorative boat they have in front of their house was floating the other day!  Still, it could be snowing.  I'd rather have wind and rain I reckon.  I hope you are all doing well, and your homes are intact.

It's been a little over a year since I started blogging.  I started this blog with the intention of documenting how I was transforming our house into a home, and how we were settling in to seaside town.  I feel it's become something else now, and I'm glad about that, because to me, the initial parameters seemed pretty limited.

I don't think I'm very interesting when it comes to homemaking to be honest.  There are lots of people out there who do it better than me, although it's fun to give it a go from time to time.  My most popular posts have been about babies and breastfeeding, about family, and about feminism, and to be honest, that's the stuff I love talking about, so I'm going to keep doing that.  

I'm really glad that you people read the blog, and I hope you enjoy it.  I really appreciate your feedback, on Facebook and also on Blogger (which I know can be very difficult to put comments on so special thanks if you do that).  Blog posts, and discussions arising from them are what have helped me through my first year in seaside town, inspiring me to be the change I wish to see.  If it's good enough for Gandhi, it's good enough for me.

This year, I'm hoping to get paid a bit more for blogging and other writing.  Fingers crossed.

I'm open to offers for sponsored posts, like the one I did for Hotel Chocolat, and I would be very happy to write for other things.  I haven't got any yet, but I am intending on putting some adverts in - only for good stuff mind.

I would love to hear if there's anything you would like me to write about?  Or any type of thing you like to read here?  Also, what other blogs do you read?  What would you recommend?  Let's give them a shout out.

Some of the other blogs that I love are:

  • Fat Mum Slim - awesome Australian blog by the lovely Chantelle talking about photos (she does the famous Photo A Day), blogging, cooking, and so much more.  
  • Pamper and Curves - British, fabulous, and so eloquent, I love the style and the warmth of Betty's blog, and I pity those of you who aren't plus size, so don't get so much benefit from it (although I'm sure it'd still be useful).
  • Goodbye Pert Breasts - shame about the title, but I love this funny blog by a British Dad, which I got sucked into because of his rather fabulous posters of CBeebies presenters.  Do have a look.