Saturday, 25 January 2014

visiting Paisley museum (lego exhibition)

I wrote this post in my car today while my husband and elder daughter went shopping, and I babysat a sleeping little girl, and a grumpy boy.  Is this an 8 year old thing?  It's bloomin' hard work!  So as to ignore the things that he was whining about I wrote this post, about the really good day out we'd just had...

Today we went to Paisley museum to visit the lego exhibition.  It was my first visit, and if you've never been you're in for a treat.

There are some interesting and also kind of gross taxidermy exhibits, a really good one on shawls and the Paisley textiles industry, which has interactive stuff to get stuck in to, and of course the lego exhibition.

Great work, big girl!
The little girl creating a creation
There were lots of stations for the kids to make lego buildings, cars, and even to write their names. They all had fun, and it was great to see all the ready made scenes by Warren Elsmore (who builds lego for a living) from around the world which were set up in the gallery. We were especially impressed with the Olympic Park and the Paisley pattern, and the girls were totally inspired by a Parisian street scene, with a café and shop. The boys just loved building the lego. There was some great team work going on.

The boy and his friend showing what can be
done with teamwork.  Not sure what it is, but
it's stylish.
Paisley museum is a lovely building, in a slightly run down area.  Parking is a bit tricky, but do-able. Sadly there is no café in the museum, and they could have really done with something for the parents in the last room of lego creating. We didn't spot anywhere family friendly nearby, so we took the kids to McDonald's in Linwood, just ten minutes drive away, for a treat.

The lego exhibition runs until 2nd March and tickets are £3 concessions, £4 adults, or £12 for a family ticket. Tickets can be used three times and are transferable. If you live near me and want a family ticket let me know.

Have you been?  What did you think?

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