Tuesday, 18 February 2014

getting dressed for work

Today folks I'm looking for your advice.

A chemist (scientist chemist, not dispensing chemist) I know wore this T shirt to work on a dress down Friday.  Now personally I am of the opinion that there's dressing down and then there's dressing DOWN and if your clothes put you at risk of disciplinary action (chemists really don't want to suggest they're cooking crystal meth, even if Breaking Bad is a really good programme) then you've gone too far.  I'm not sure dress down Fridays are a good idea anyway.  I mean, if you can do your work perfectly well dressed down, why bother dressing up?  And if you can't, why do it?

I'm not well qualified to write about work wear.  I'm a full time Mum and a part time writer, and really I could wear my jammies for work without any hassle (apart from the school run - I'd put a bra on and some proper trousers for that).  Even when I worked in an office, I wasn't very good at doing the whole corporate dress thing.  I was disciplined as a civil servant for not dressing smartly, as a legal secretary I wasn't allowed to take files to court because I wasn't wearing a skirt (and the hair didn't help), and I was regularly sent home from school for not respecting the school uniform.

I do hate school uniform (more on that here), and I think the manufacturers of polyester have some sort of conspiracy going to make people wear polyester trousers, skirts, and jackets for school and work (because would people choose to wear it if it wasn't deemed 'smart'?).  I do not understand the fashion rules.  In particular I don't understand why it is smart for a man to wear a tie, which is basically a silk scarf.  If you're going to do that, then why not something more fun?  Like a scarf?

However, my mother in law has brought me round to the idea that school uniform is good.  It's good to have something for the children to rail against... so that people don't rail against things that actually matter.  I get that now.  But I don't understand why it can't be something more practical.  

2014 workwear H&M style
Pic from a fashion blog here
I think that if I return to work in an office one day I will actually buy the whole polyester uniform thing, to save thinking about what to wear, and because it's pretty easy to look after.  And I will constantly think that the polyester is nasty.  I will have pins between the buttons on the blouse so it doesn't gape when I sit down.  Does this happen to everyone?  I notice that the models of work wear don't tend to sit down.  Hmmm.

I remember reading that you should always dress for the job you want, rather than the job you're in.  So I guess I should be dressing very comfortably now, in the hope of becoming a published author.  I'm currently wearing jeans and a jumper, so I'm on track.

Steven King at work.  Pic from here
I could go for that workwear

But what do you think?  If you work outside the home what do you wear?  What do you think you should be wearing?  What would be practical?  What is with the polyester?  What are ties about?  And high heels while we're at it?  And do you think that the chemistry guy should have picked another T shirt?  I want to know your thoughts.  And if you've got any top shopping tips please do share them!  Advice please!

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