Monday, 10 February 2014

hanging out in church halls 2014 edit

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This time last year I was thinking about all the fun the little girl and I were having hanging out in church halls (and another post here). 

Well life has moved on. The little girl is going to nursery now and yet church halls are still very important in our lives.

The big girl has started attending Rainbows.  We just bought her the uniform because she is loving it. The leader is lovely, and it's a great bunch of girls that go.

I have joined a couple of clubs myself. I'm going to the writer's group (which is actually in the Masonic Hall, but I hope you'll let that slide). It gives me new challenges and inspires me to write better. I am really proud that I've done pretty well in a couple of their competitions, and I'm waiting with baited breath to see how I got on in a couple more.

Most recently I've joined our local choir, which meets in a church hall, but isn't at all churchy.  It's rather fabulous actually, a great atmosphere and some lovely folky songs.  Singing makes me feel happy, so I'm thrilled to be in a choir again.  One of my favourite songs is called Hard Times.  Here's a video of some way better singers than me singing it (look - there are McGarrigles, Rufus Wainwright, AND Emmylou Harris!).

What about you?  What are you doing in church halls at the moment?