Tuesday, 25 February 2014

loving these blogs

Used to be that I'd get up in the morning and check what was happening in the world with the Guardian app on my 'phone, but now I'm over that.  I have a news-addicted husband who'll tell me anything big, and anything that's really interesting will pop up on Facebook somewhere.  

Nowadays I'm loving blogs, and the place to get my fix for that is Bloglovin'.  I just tell Bloglovin' what blogs I want to follow (you can follow mine on Bloglovin' - there's a link on the side there), and then it updates itself with all the new posts, so in the morning, I open up Bloglovin' and I've got my own tailor-made magazine of awesomeness.

However, there are a lot of blogs out there, and they are not all, ahem, awesome.  So I've taken to my Bloglovin' feed to find you some top blogs which are worth adding to yours!

I have to start with the incredibly fabulous Fat Mum Slim.  Your writer is Chantelle, an Australian mother-of-two who is incredibly savvy with this whole social media thing.  She blogs recipes, lifestyle, blogging, photography, and all sorts of other stuff, and lives by the motto 'living life inspired'.  She's certainly inspiring.  Chantelle's was the first blog I got addicted to, and the thing that sucked me in was the Photo-a-Day challenge.  Her blog is really well put together, friendly, and also really useful.  I wish my blog could be that good one day!  You'll find it here.

Betty Pamper: plus size hottie
My favourite British blog is the gawjuss Pamper and Curves.  I want to look like Betty Pamper, the writer, and I can find out how to with this great fashion and other stuff, friendly, approachable blog.  I also love the design of this blog.  The colours and the top banner are great, but the way the whole thing has been put together is also very impressive, and works soooo well.  Betty is on blogspot like me, so I've copied some of her ideas to make my blog work better.  Thanks Betty!  You'll find it here

Another Australian blog I love is Woogsworld, written by Mrs Woog (otherwise known as Kayte Murphy).  Hers is a blog on things that cross her mind, and her mind is a fearsome and fabulous thing to cross.  Mrs Woog comes across as the kind of woman I would like to go to the pub with, but I'd be a bit scared, as I reckon she's the type that you'd drink the night away with.  Mrs Woog shares her life, with lots of pictures, humour, and just a dash of swearing.  She has passed her awesome genes on to her kids, one of whom managed to convince his teachers he was called Horatio, and her other son, Jack, who is happy in his fabulousness (and has a tough Mum to keep him that way).  This was one of my favourite posts of hers, standing up for Jack, but I'd say she's just generally worth following.  Find Woogsworld here.

You may have noticed that I love film, fantasy, and feminism, and someone else singing from the same hymn sheet (but doing it so much better than me) is Margot Magowen of the American blog Reel Girl . She is wise in the ways of gender representation and girls, and she is not afraid to call it. What's more, she is right.

There are lots of other blogs I could recommend to you, but we'd be here all day so I'll finish with a man, because we've not had one yet. Ben Wakeling is a young British father and very funny blogger, with a gift for noticing what mums really think about Mr Bloom. He blogs at Goodbye Pert Breasts (the title was his wife's idea apparently), about fatherhood, CBeebies and poo, amongst other things.

I would love to know what your favourite blogs are?  Please let us know, and include links.  

I know some people have been having trouble commenting on my blogs.  If you look at the botttom of the post, there will either be somewhere to comment, OR (if you've got a few posts there) there will be a bit saying the number of comments already there.  Click on that, put your comment in the box and go ahead.  Depending on how much Google knows about you, you might need to identify yourself in some way.  This is to protect me from trolls, not to allow stalking.  Your email address will not be revealed, even to me.  You might also have to fill in one of those picture things that prove you're not a robot.  Again, this is to protect me.  It's a faff, but it's not malicious, and it's great for future readers of the posts if your comments are there.  Thanks.

I've been working my way through Fat Mum Slim's list of 50 things to blog about. This is number 48!  You'll find my other posts inspired by Fat Mum Slim's list here.  I'm not including other links today because I'm sure you've got enough to read right here.

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