Friday, 21 February 2014

loving this room

What's your favourite room in your home?  And why?

Mine is my living room.  

Why?  Because it works.  We play in it, rest in it, spend time together in it, relax in it, work in it, sometimes even nod off in it.  We live in it.

That's not all though.  I love my living room because it's nice and colourful.  I love a bit of colour in interiors, if not in my

My living room is a homage to IKEA and to colour.

I especially love:

I really love Love and Rockets, so the album is
still in there in case I ever need it...
  • my red Expedit unit (details below)
  • my lamps - a little green one beside the brown sofa, a red standard one in the corner, and the glorious Sanderson lampshade on the 'big light'
  • the rug
  • and my 'Express' LP.  You can hardly see it in the big room pics though, so I'll give you a close up.  Express is by Love and Rockets - if you don't know who they are you can check them out here).  I wish I'd kept hold of the rest of my record collection.  Not because I'd still play them, I wouldn't.  But I'd love to have three records to put up on the wall as a tryptich.  I'd keep 'Express', and I'd add The Sisters of Mercy's Temple of Love EP (the 1983 one, because it's a better picture (see below), again, if you don't know what I'm talking about you can find the Ofra Haza 1992 version here).  I'd also have to have Joy Division's Love will Tear us Apart (see below), because I always used to have that poster on my wall, and I miss it (here it is for those that don't know).  I do love Joy Division's songs, but I prefer the covers to be honest.  There are a LOT of covers of this song, but I like The Swans best.
The walls are still a bit blah (by blah I mean empty and painted white), apart from the fab big photo my brother gave me, but I've no idea what to do with them, and Kenny is under the impression that we're going to get a projector one day!  I don't want walls cluttered with pictures, but I don't want so much space either.  My cousin has suggested stretching fabric over big frames, which could always be changed.  She also recommended using the rug as a starting point... it made me wonder about hanging the rug on the wall.  Sadly IKEA don't make that rug any more, so I'd need a different rug.  Do you think that would work?

I only just painted a room in the house for the first time this morning... and no-one noticed (it was the bathroom - I painted it grey, but apparently it just looks dark white)!

I would like to get another couple of boxes for the Expedit units, to make them a bit tidier, and I'm going to mix up the red and green again, although someone keeps putting them back!

But I do love my living room.

If you love it too, you can get a living room like this.  Here's where to find the stuff.

Expedit units.  They're awesome
Find them here
The Expedit units were from IKEA, as are most of the inserts.  I am a massive fan of Expedit units.  Have you got any?  The Dronna boxes that are just a very few quid are great for simple storage, and if anyone is going to IKEA I would like two of these ones below, while they've still got them, please.  They've got them in lots of other colours too.

The rug is also from IKEA.  It's been discontinued.

The green sofa is from IKEA too.  It's a sofa-bed.  They still make the sofa bed, but not that particular cover.  But they've got other colours.
The Karlstad sofa bed from
IKEA.  I LOVE this cover.
Find it here

Sorry to say the spindle lamps were from Tesco but they have been discontinued.  I can't find alternatives.  I think they must have gone out of fashion.  Hmph.  I can't find a lamp I like anywhere at the moment.

Fabulous lampshades in lots
of styles and sizes.  Get them
Lampshades though are another matter.  I love the Sanderson Wallpaper lampshade we bought on Ebay, and the person who made it (really well, at a good price) has lots of other fabulous lampshades.  I'm wondering if I can get away with getting a new one for the green lamp.

So, what's your favourite room, and where did you get your favourite stuff?  Curious minds people.

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