Tuesday, 25 February 2014

screaming for Expedit

This morning, as I perused my Facebook feed, I came across this news from the Guardian.

My living room... complete with 3 Expedits.
"IKEA has killed off Expedit..."

IKEA has done what?????

I noticed, when I was doing my blog post on my living room the other day that IKEA had discontinued a lot of the stuff I love in the room.  I'm sad about the rug, but it's all good, despite appearances to the contrary, IKEA can only hold so much stuff... but at least the Expedit survived.

I love Expedit, if we could have one in every room I'd seriously consider it.  I don't want IKEA to discontinue it.  Apparently there are 20,000 Facebook users who agree with me.

But worry not, because IKEA is only ditching Expedit as part of its plan to use less unsustainable wood.  It's moving to a new supplier, and is just changing and renaming Expedit.  So Expedit is dead.  Long live Kallax!

Kallax looks a lot like Expedit, except it's got less sharp edges, and narrower surrounds.  It's also more scratch resistant.  Gizmodo have done a great piece on it, if you're wanting to know more about the change.  It's here.

Pic from Gizmodo

Personally, I'm breathing a deep sigh of relief.

Do you have an Expedit?

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Also today started a first draft of a sci fi short story.  At least I'm trying to make it short!