Saturday, 1 February 2014

surviving January

I am not feeling the love for January 2014, for me it's been a month of pain, which is something I do not like even a little bit, so to remind me of all that was good I've decided to put together some of my pics from the month to remember what we did that was just grand. 

What was your best, and your worst bits of January?

Great advice this, from Gandhi.  I'm using it as my mantra for the year.  I talked about it here.
A friend gave the little girl some roller skates, and totally made her year.  Thanks Jane and Isla!
We got this statue, named Magnus, for our town last year.  I think he's fab.
The little girl and I made some baby haggis's out of kiwi fruit

We had a day out with family.  We went to see Pinnochio at the Glasgow Pavilion and we enjoyed a meal out.  The big girl had fun eating her spaghetti.
We rediscovered Dance Central on the XBox, although poor Kenny has to do it with the little girl as a limpet.  Strangely the boy usually wins!
Like I said, January has been all about the pain... and all about an increasingly odd range of medications.  I'm hoping it's going to go away any minute now.
January has been a bit stormy, and a bit wet, but it's been pretty warm, and we've had some really cool sunsets.  Thanks weather gods!
I love this pic of the little girl I took for Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge (the prompt was blue).

The McKee men got busy flooring the loft - it's made a massive difference to the drifts of stuff around the house.  Thanks menfolk!
We went to the lego exhibition in Paisley - it was great fun.  And I've got a family ticket if you want one.

The little girl managed to sleep all night in her own bed, and we went out for dinner to celebrate.  Well done girly!  (And when am I going to get over liking these auto-awesome things?)

So a pretty good month all round really!  What about you?