Wednesday, 19 March 2014

happy for 100 days: The first ten days


Feeling good today as the weather is really trying hard to convince me that it's Spring.  I'm holding out though.  Last year I was convinced, and then I got smacked in the face with the worst snow anyone could remember.  It happened on 22nd March, so we've not got long to go!

I'm also feeling happy today because (drum roll please), this is my 200th blog post*!  Thanks for reading them.

You might recall that in an effort to deal with the sadness which besets me from time to time, and which is no doubt exacerbated by the blooming annoying pain issues I've been having this year, I have been trying to find the happy in each day.  Some days are harder than others, so to push myself I'm taking part in #100happydays.  I'm up to day 13 today, but in an effort to deal in round numbers I'm going to share the first ten days with you here.

What's been making you happy lately?

Day 1 - frozen Frubes
Day 2 - 'backstage' with the choir
Day 3 - relaxing at home.  Kenny resting his eyes.
Day 4 - at the super Glasgow Science Centre
Thrilled to bits to have got 'Highly Commended'
in the short story competition.  Hoping to do well
in the sci fi competition too!  Day 5
Day 6 - it may just look like a pony tail to you,
but to me it's an achievement.  Managed to wrap
hair to conceal the bobble!
Day 7 - new hand-me-downs meant lots of fights over the
clothes.  I hugely admired the way my older daughter dealt
with it.  She not only managed to fob her sister off with a
top she didn't like, and nothing else, but she also managed
to make her little sister feel she'd won the battle!  Go girl.
Day 8 - my children mocking me.  I was practicing
for choir, and so they joined in, giving the most
hideous rendition of Da Doo Ron Ron ever heard!
Day 9 - I finished my sci-fi story and I'm that
chuffed with it.  Celebrating with a chocolate
mousse.  Fingers crossed for the story.
Day 10 - a visit to the Scottish Maritime Museum at Irvine
Lots of lovely machines to take pictures of, and the children
enjoyed racing boats around.

So it seems that the things that make me happy so far are museums, writing and singing, and my family.  That sounds pretty accurate.  Maybe add cake and castles to the list and you're laughing, oh, and sunshine.

What about you?  What makes you happy?

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*on this blog, which is published.