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Did you have mock elections when you were at school?

We did.  The first ones I remember were while we were at Middle School.  I was the leader of the Green Party (a very small party - we had six members), and we were up against the Lib Dems (run by Lucy), the Labour Party (Joel), and the Tories (Richard).  Competition was fierce.  We were all talking politics, and there was talk about policy in the playground.

I might not have been the best leader for the Green Party, as I had absolutely no idea about their actual policies.  I liked the overall ethos, and I suspect I was the only person in the party willing to make a speech.  Luckily Joel, the Labour leader, was well up on Green Party policy, so he answered lots of questions for me.

I think Joel was the best politician in the mix to be honest.  He definitely had a good understanding of all the policies, and he really cared about Labour.  When it came to voting, I didn't really blame everyone in my party for voting Labour (my mates in the Labour party voted for me, so the Greens got five votes altogether).  One of my friends said we should really have joined up with Labour, and in retrospect she was right.  Perhaps if we had the outcome wouldn't have been so awful.

And it was awful.  Not because the Tories won.  It always looked like that was going to happen in an area which was overwhelmingly Tory at the time, where kids would for the most part vote for whoever their parents voted for.

It was awful because Richard, the Tory, was practising his victory speech while the votes were being counted.  And when the results came in, and he had, of course, won, he was so damn smug about it.  A smug Tory, who'd have thought?

Lindi St Clair (otherwise known
as Miss Whiplash) promoting her
Corrective Party policies.
I think we could do with the
Corrective Party today!
Pic from here
Happily the Tories didn't always win.  There was one year at the Secondary School when sixth form girls with whips and handcuffs reaped a 'surprise' victory with their Whiplash Party (based on the Corrective Party).  

The embarrassment of the Deputy Head has become school legend.  He didn't want to reveal the winners to the local paper, so some of the pupils did it for him.  Complete with a picture of the girls in question.

I love a bit of politics me.

Did you have school elections?  Who won?

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