Tuesday, 18 March 2014

reviewing Hotel Chocolat eggs!

On days like today I just LOVE my job.

OK so I might not get actually paid, which is a serious issue.  However, I get to write, while snuggled up under my duvet, dyeing my hair, in my cosy bedroom, with my fairy lights on because I may be 40 but I am not grown up.

I also get sent free chocolate from time to time, just so I can tell you all about it!  Could I just take this opportunity to let you know that if anyone wants to send me free wine, or indeed, cider, I would be happy to review it for you.  No really.

Anyway, the chocolate.  Remember a while ago I reviewed Hotel Chocolat's Christmas goodies?  They were seriously good.  So when Hotel Chocolat got in touch to ask if I'd like to review their Easter eggs.  Well it would have been churlish not to wouldn't it?!

As I mentioned last time I was talking about them, Hotel Chocolat put a lot of effort into creating really good chocolate.  It's worth paying more for.  Their range of goodies for easter looks great.  You'll find a link to it here.  I especially like the look of this one: The Rocky Road to Caramel (12 chocolates inside an extra thick cookie and caramel milk chocolate egg).  I can't be sure, but it looks like the chocolates are actually on the inside of the egg.  Do you remember when they used to do that?  Sigh.  That egg is £28, but it looks like a doozy.

We got a cheaper egg to sample.  The Splat Caramel Chocolate Easter Egg.  The splat effect is achieved with white chocolate, and as you can see, it doesn't match where the relief splat shape is, but that's OK.

This one is aimed more at the kids, and as we had lots of kids available when we got the egg (my friend, Louise was visiting, with her girls), I thought I'd leave it to them.  

The first thing to note about receiving chocolate from Hotel Chocolat is that the packaging is really very nice.  Paper and ribbons make you feel that whatever is inside is going to be a treat.  The black and white colour scheme also makes it seem a bit special.

We were a bit disappointed then that The Splat was in a plastic box, but we got over it really really fast.

I asked the children to break the egg up for everyone to
share.  I remember last time we got Hotel Chocolat chocolates the satisfying snap sound when we broke it.  The girls said that the chocolate felt nice, and made a good sound, but this chocolate was more fatty feeling than we'd had before, perhaps because of the white chocolate, and it didn't have such a good 'snap'.

The children were a bit disappointed that the egg didn't have any sweeties in it, but it is only £12.50.

Now on to the actual eating.  We all joined in, and the egg was gone in about a minute.  It was really good chocolate, although a little sweet for my taste, although I must admit here that I don't count white chocolate as real chocolate.

Everyone else thought it was totally delicious, and special mention was given to the caramel flavour.

Not a crumb of chocolate was left, and all fingers were licked scrupulously clean.

Thank you Hotel Chocolat!

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