Thursday, 20 March 2014


Medical technology these days is awesome.  

There, that's me done.

Not really. 

We are getting some really good prosthetic limbs for when people lose them, through illness, accident, or through conflict.  There are special legs for running, arms which people can control with their thoughts, and lots of other good stuff going on.  The mind boggles at what will be available in years to come.

But you know when someone needs to use one of those things which talks for them?  They nearly all sound like Stephen Hawking.  That's fine, if Stephen Hawking is someone you can identify with, but what if you're a little girl?  What if your family all have strong Birmingham accents?

Well Prof Rupal Patel and Dr Tim Bunnell are working under the name Vocal ID to change that.  They use whatever bits of voice a person has, and also use voice donations to make voices for people that actually fit with the person.  Prof Patel has given a talk on it:

Prof Patel is based in America, and this work started out in America, but it's spreading, and Vocal ID is looking for voice donations, as well as people who can provide technical and business expertise.

Donating your voice involves recording yourself saying set things.  It takes about two to three hours to donate your voice, and you can sign up to say you're interested here.

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