Thursday, 27 March 2014

visiting the garden of cosmic speculation

All pictures taken at the Garden of
Cosmic Speculation by me.
I'm not convinced on the name to be honest, but if there is any way you can get to this garden just North of Dumfries for the afternoon of Sunday 4th May (which is the only afternoon it will be open this year) do yourself a favour, and go.  It's about £6 to get in, and the money goes to a good cause.

I've given you a flavour with some of the photos I've taken, but I'm sure you can do better.  There are lots of great pictures of it on the Charles Jencks site here.

The garden is huge, covering 30 acres, and has lots of different areas.  For one afternoon only you can roam at will, set up your picnic blankets and enjoy your picnic in beautiful surroundings.

It's busy, but I've always rather liked that.  Land structures like the one pictured here actually look pretty good with lots of people on.

If this all looks rather familiar you may well have seen some of Charles Jencks work before.  Like the Landform Ueda which used to be outside the Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh, or Northumberlandia near Newcastle, or What is Life?  at the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin.  Jencks brings his interest in science, and medicine, into the garden.  The landforms are marvellous, but so are the more natural spaces, and there are many and more beautiful plants.

Have you been yet?  Or seen any of Jencks' other works?  Will you be going this year?

The garden is open nearly every year on the first Sunday of May.  Some years are better than others, which is generally down to the weather.  The pictures below are from the first time we went.  When it was sunny!

This is one of my favourite photos ever.  I got another one of this tree the following year, but the weather wasn't as kind, and there were no leaves.  Hopefully spring this year will be kinder.
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