Wednesday, 19 March 2014

winging it

Did I mention I'm in a choir?

It's part of my current focus on maximising the happiness in life.  Singing makes me feel happy, like exercise makes some people feel happy, so the choir is great for me.

I've been in a few choirs before, but this is my favourite ever.  The choir leader, Harry Campbell, is funny, and demanding, but always ever so nice.  Even when he's saying things like 'could you sing that again, but this time less ...flat'.

Harry uses a call and respond technique to teach us songs, and the songs are generally fun to sing, with multiple parts, and harmonies.  He also likes to keep us on our toes.  We did a wee concert last week for friends and family, and Harry chose mid-performance to introduce two new songs!  Well, you wouldn't want to over-rehearse now would you?

Our choir - arranged in sections ready for Senzenina

The fact is though, that we got away with those new songs, and with the changes we made on the night, and the knowledge that we did is exhilarating.

I've had to wing it on a few occasions.  I'm of the opinion that you can't learn unless you do it for the first time sometime, and who needs to know that it's the first time?  I've mostly managed to get away with it, and the sheer terror of the process turns into a rush of joy that you've cracked it.  One particularly uncomfortable time when it all went wrong was when I was standing for Green Party candidate at school and couldn't remember a single policy at the hustings.  Who knew people were going to ask me?!

When was the last time you had to wing it?  And did it work out? 

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