Sunday, 6 April 2014

Decorating the bathroom

We've lived in our new house for over a year now, and I've finally painted something!

When we moved in everything was painted white, and we got to choose curtains and carpets throughout, which was definitely a good thing.  We were too late though, to choose the tiles we wanted in the bathrooms, and the finish we wanted in the kitchen.  That was all fine.  I quite like the kitchen, and our bathroom, but the family bathroom is another matter.  The tiles are beige.

Every time I went in the room I thought "the tiles are beige".  I'm not going to replace the tiles because they're fine, even though they are beige, but I had to do something to distract me from the beigeness.

It took me a long time to work out what to do to distract from the beigeness, but I've worked it out now.

How to distract from beige?  Grey.  I know, it's exciting isn't it?

And yellow.  Lots of yellow, but that's in pictures and towels and blinds and stuff, stuff that was there from the beginning, alongside the beige.

I painted it secretly while everyone was out, and then asked people to go look at the bathroom and see what had changed.  Cue four puzzled faces...  I did some pointing at the fresh paintwork, so transformative in my eye, and the boy said: "wait, is the wall...dark white?"

Good to know that my efforts have not been in vain.  To be fair, I'm the only person who cares about the beige tiles, and I am sooooo much happier now that the walls are grey (and I'm the only one who cares about that too).  OK, so it's not that big a change, but I like it.  I'm hoping I will be struck by inspiration on something for the walls in the living room next.  Every idea I do come up with gets shot down by Kenny, so have you got any suggestions?  Picture below.

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