Tuesday, 8 April 2014

derided (updated)

To the man who stood in the car park at Tebay services, complaining at me, on and on and on and on and on, even though I had apologised when the car door was blown out of my three-year-old's hand and slightly grazed the door of your car. 

Who never offered to help hold the door in the high wind while I strapped my daughter into her seat, but merely commented on how I couldn't hold on to it, again and again and again.

The incident with the man happened as we were
leaving Tebay, which is a shame because it's
the best services (check them out, but do avoid
parking next to a Skoda Roomster)
While my husband was writing down our details for you to claim to have your fancy Skoda Roomster returned to it's previous no doubt pristine state, you stood there, telling me how stupid I was, and using language in front of my children which I would be horrified for them to pick up.  Meanwhile I struggled to get them to stay in their seats while a man was being horrible to their mother.  You probably noticed it wasn't easy.

Was I looking harassed while you were explaining to me how stupid I was for letting the wind blow the door open?  Was that why you took such exception to me?  Or was it the way that I apologised?

Whatever it was, I hope you feel happier soon.  I hope you can maintain your belief that a slight scratch on a car door is worth haranguing a woman in a car park for.  I hope you don't find yourself waking up in the morning and wondering if you were actually being a toe rag.  I suppose you must have been having a very difficult day, and you thought you'd share it with me.  How generous.

Thank you for reminding me not to do that.  Thank you for reminding me to think about other people, and that stuff really does not matter... well not enough to berate someone for anyway.

Have you been berated by a toe rag lately?  Did you think of a witty retort after they went away (or did you just have a cry like I did), or are you one of those awesome people who can shut these things down?

Update - one week later.  We've received a bill from toe-rag man.  It's going to cost me the price of a new dress to re-pristinify his Skoda.  I hope he uses it to buy himself something nice.

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