Friday, 11 April 2014

loving apps

What app have you got that you couldn't live without?  What's so good about it?

I love the flexibility of apps for phones, tablets and Chrome, and I am often amazed at what some of the good ones can do (and curious as to the point of some of the bad ones).  

I use some apps, like the camera app on my phone (just the standard one it comes with), like Gmail and Facebook so often that I don't really think of them as apps any more.  They're all great, but if for some reason they're not working (the Facebook app used up too much memory to ever work on my last 'phone), then I can survive.  I have used different apps for the camera.  I used to be a big fan of Vignette, but there are so many camera apps out there.

Other apps are newer to me. I've just got Timehop (yesterday), which gives me a daily blast from the past of my status updates and photos from this day in previous years.  Today, I've got this picture of the little girl from two years ago, wearing a very fetching ensemble of bobble hat and summer PJs, and a couple of songs that were on my mind in previous years.  I like Timehop.  It makes me feel that time is moving more slowly than I had feared.

However, the app which I couldn't live without is not one I use every day (although I do use it most days), and it is not new to me.  It's marketed as a great tool for work, and great for making lists in.  I use it all the time, to make notes, to draft blog posts (because the Blogger app is truly awful), to keep a note of those web sites you come across that you think will be useful one day, and also for lists of books to read, places to visit, and things to pack (but lists of things to do are done in Remember the Milk - it being the best of a bad lot to replace the marvellous and now dead app, Astrid).  I got Evernote as a friend had been raving about it, thinking I'd hardly use it, 
Find Evernote here
but it is so incredibly useful.  Not just because of what it does, but because of its marvellous ability to sync.  You can draft a blog post on your 'phone while you're on the train, do more to it on your tablet later, and then transfer it from Evernote on your computer when you get home.  It's so easy to use, and just generally brilliant... so I'm expecting someone to buy it, take all the staff, and leave its carcass drained of blood in an elephant graveyard.  Hope not.  

If you've not used Evernote yet, do give it a try.  It is, honestly, awesome.

So, what's your favourite app?

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