Wednesday, 16 April 2014

singing the songs of our lives

I did a couple of posts recently, choosing songs for the soundtrack of my life so far.  You'll find them here, and here.  Writing them was great fun, mainly due to enjoying lots of blasts from the past on YouTube, but the feedback from you readers has been great too.  I thought I'd share some of their suggestions with you.

Let's start with Adam Ant - Stand and Deliver was the suggestion, and it took me back to being at my Dad's school (he was a teacher) on one of the occasions when he was working, but we were on holiday.  One of the boys at the school had lots of Adam Ant LPs, and recorded some for me.  Fantastic.  I love Adam's glorious appreciation of style over substance.  I also love dancing to this song - Diana Dors style.

One that was suggested for work was Head Like a Hole by Nine Inch Nails.  I love the strength within this song, even though it's well cushioned in despair.  Top tune to bear in mind next time your boss is getting you down.

We went down a bit of a Country and Western rabbit hole, wherein I was reminded of the truly glorious mystery song, Ode to Billie Joe, by Bobbie Gentry.  Do you like Country and Western?  This might be my favourite (just right now).  I like to think that Billie Joe was a girl.  What do you think?

I've also been introduced to Amanda Palmer through this, for which I am very grateful (thanks Steve).  If you haven't had the pleasure here's one to check out.  Here's Amanda (not for the faint hearted, or children)

Amanda has odd eyebrows for that video, which brought to mind another band I'd had recommended by a friend (only because of odd makeup really). I have Robin to thank for introducing me to CocoRosie.  Here's their marvellous video for Lemonade, and it's beautifully odd.  I'm not sure I could sing along with it, but I would like to dress like that (maybe skip the beard).

My little brother asked if the lists I'd put up were my desert island discs.  They're not.  I'm not sure quite what my desert island discs would be to be honest, although I'm thinking on it - watch this space.  I'm guessing I can't just take a smartphone as my luxury item?

Anyway, I'd love to hear what songs you might have for the soundtrack of your life so far, and indeed, what your desert island discs would be.  In the meantime, if you liked this post here's some other's you might like:

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