Thursday, 15 May 2014

damning seagulls

Who lives by the sea and likes the seagulls?

Horrible big nasty things.  There was one which used to come and tap on my window when I lived in the Isle of Man, to wake me up in the morning.  Tap tap tap, tap tap tap, tap tap tap.  Blooming thing.  Drove me mad.

Soon after we moved to seaside town we watched as a seagull visited the neighbour's bird feeding station.  It took off with an entire fat ball in its beak.  

I don't like seagulls.

There are warning signs all along the front asking people not to feed the seagulls.  Apparently, it's people voluntarily feeding them that makes them start stealing food.  I had seen seagulls pinch dropped chips before, but here they snatch food from your fingers.

There's people saying we should get seagull-proof bins down the front, which might be a good idea.  The bins could do with being fixed or replaced anyway.  However, the fact is that the seagulls will steal food right out of your hand.

Largs has cheerfully coloured benches along the front, and we like to go down and find a bench in a pre-selected colour to sit on.  Here's the big girl on a yellow bench with an ice-cream.  Seagulls don't seem to like ice-creams.

I can say with confidence that they don't like cheese and onion pasties either.

One sunny blue sky day we got a treat from Greggs and sat on a blue bench at the front. The kids had sausage rolls, and I had a cheese and onion pasty.  We'd not long been eating them when we got buzzed by a seagull.  I thought it was just after crumbs, and was asking the children to hold their sausage rolls close when I got a face full of wing and my pasty stolen out of my hand!

Clearly the seagull wasn't impressed, because it quickly dropped it into the sea and came back for the sausage rolls.  My kids were made of sterner stuff than me though, and no seagull was getting their beaks on those sausage rolls!  We've not attempted a Greggs on the front again.

Apparently falcons are used in some places to deter seagull populations.  I wonder if it's time for Largs council to consider some falconry displays on the front?  

Do you have a problem with seagulls?  What solutions have you come across for the problem?

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