Monday, 5 May 2014

doing the garden: the second weekend

I've been asked for an update on the garden.

To be honest I'd been holding back on this a little.  Kenny was away for a few days, but has been working like a doozer over the weekend.

The trouble is that what he's been doing is digging, and really, digging doesn't look very interesting.
Kenny in front of turf wall, subsoil infill (being stomped
by the little girl), and rolls of turf.

However, I shall give you an update.

Last time I gave an update on the garden Kenny had started digging, and this is what the garden looked like.

Since then there has been an awful lot more digging going on.

First of all, Kenny filled in the bit behind the turf wall, with firstly subsoil, and then topsoil.  The little girl is stomping the subsoil down in this picture, but this was early on in the process.

The rolls of turf relaid (with excess hanging down the
turf wall).  Kenny 
podging down the turf and soil.
After that, he rolled the rolls of turf back over the now higher, and flatter ground, and bashed the whole lot down with a 'podger' lent to us by a neighbour.  Here he is, using the podger (because who would know what that was without a picture).  I'm calling this a podger because that's what I'm told it's called.  I must note however, that online dictionaries suggest that a podger is a poking implement (and they go to some quite mucky places after that).  This is clearly not a poking implement.  Anyone know a better word for it?

After all that podging, back to the digging.

The big girl helping Kenny dig foundations.  This
produced LOTS of soil.
With the top bit done, we need to get to work on building our retaining wall, so Kenny set to work digging the foundations.  It was amazing how much soil this generated.  Thankfully, Kenny's parents have just put in new raised beds, so they've taken lots of soil to fill those in.

The retaining wall is going to follow almost the whole line of the turf wall previously constructed, so that's a lot of foundation digging.  Yesterday, when he was nearly finished, Kenny unearthed a surprise.

Here's a pic of Kenny in the almost-completed foundations yesterday.  Can you spot what he found (it's very hard to see, but it did halt digging)?

I'll let you know what it was in my next update, which will be along very soon.  Honest.

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