Monday, 5 May 2014

Happy for 100 days: days 51 to 60

Have another ten days passed already?  I'm still enjoying noticing the happy moments in each day, although I must admit that I've had some down days lately, and on days like that it seems somewhat artificial and superfluous.  I wonder sometimes if it wouldn't be fun to do 100 hellish days, taking pictures of things that wind me up each day.  No doubt I'd have as many contenders for that as I do for happy days.With that in mind, as well as asking you what's been making you happy lately? I wonder what's been bugging the hell out of you?

If you fancy taking part in #100happydays you can find out more here.  Here are my last ten days.

Day 51 - the little girl got chosen as 'leader' at nursery.  She was chuffed to bits.
Day 52 - really happy that my gorgeous boy has made some smashing friends in Seaside Town
Day 53 - Very impressed with all the progress that Kenny has been making with the garden.  More on that in another blog post soon (I last wrote about the garden makeover here)
Stuck in a traffic jam on day 54, this was my view.  I loved it so much I declared I wanted to walk down it on Facebook.  Turned out a friend used to live down that lane, and we're planning to walk down it together soon.
We had a delivery from Jewson on day 55.  I was chuffed to bits that the guy delivering it was so helpful, and tried to get it all into the most useful place for us.  Thanks Jewson.
Kenny had been away for a few days at the beginning of the week, so I took a photo of him on his return on day 56.  It wasn't just that I was happy to see him.  The children had been little monkeys while he was away, and settled down straight away on his return.  Phew!
With Kenny back I could go out on day 57.  Choir was followed by a very pleasant trip to the pub.  Much laughing was involved.
So much fun at Eglinton Country Park on day 58.  Sunshine wouldn't kill us, but we still had a picnic, because we're pretending to be hardy.  I do love the Tournament Bridge though.
We all overdid it a touch at book group on the evening of day 58.  On day 59 I mainly did staring, and was very thankful for the Alka-Seltzer in the cupboard.
We got busy with the Hama beads on day 60.  Before you ask, it's a tree, on a nice day.  Not a day like today then.  It's still not too bad, weather-wise, but a little more sunshine would be fab.

If you'd like more of my photos of happy moments, then check out days 1-1011-20 21-3031-40, 41-50.  Or follow my Instagram feed.

The book challenge
Words at 1/5/14 - 71,500 (please note that his has dropped because of excluding some stuff which I've reallocated to another book).  
32,000 words done since the challenge began, 14,500 last month.
Where I'm at in First Draft - middle of Chapter 17.
What I did last - Had the glums and didn't write owt.