Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Happy for 100 days: days 81-90

I can't believe I've nearly reached the end of this challenge.

The theory is of course that focusing on the happy moments helps you notice them more, and it's a fine theory, but I've been wondering if focusing on negative moments might not be a good thing to do as well.  Perhaps cathartic?  I'm thinking of doing ten days of grumpy pics - you know, whatever it is that makes me feel grumpy that day.  I'm sure I'll find things quite easily because I'm a grumpy so and so.  

If you fancy taking part in #100happydays you can find out more here.  Here are my last ten days.

I'm going to start my #10grumpydays when I've finished the hundred.  Care to join me?  Just use the hashtag.

On day 81 we got Sky!  We are now up to date with Game of Thrones, which makes me very happy, although did you see Monday's episode?  Bleaurgh!
On day 82 we had fun making lanterns.  The big girl and a neighbour started them, and I finished them off when they lost interest.  It was very therapeutic.
On day 83 the little girl and I played a game pulling facial expressions in the garden.  This is 'sad'.  She's good huh?
Day 84: I'm really enjoying writing at the moment (the book mainly - sorry to be neglecting the blog)
Day 85: a trip to the library.  I love libraries, if they had shops where you could 'borrow' cakes, I'd love them too.
Day 86: a beautiful day, and I had plenty of time to enjoy it, thanks to my marvellous mother in law.  I went to the felting exhibition in West Kilbride.  It was so good.  I would love to learn to do this.
Such a treat on day 87, the children and I went to visit a friend and meet her beautiful owls.  Thanks!
Personally I find Scalextric maddening, but we finally unpacked the boy's set on day 88 (it's only taken us 18 months), and the children loved playing with it.  Meanwhile I took up position on 'slide off corner', and put the cars back on the tracks.
It was lovely to have another day mainly to myself so soon after day 86 on day 89.  I met up with my local writing group and spent a day on poetry!  Good company, good food, and good poetry.  Thanks all.
On day 90 we went to the park to enjoy the sunshine.  I'm starting to love living here.

If you'd like more of my photos of happy moments, then check out days 1-1011-20 21-3031-4041-5051-6061-70, and 71-80.  Or follow my Instagram feed.

The book challenge
Words at 7/6/14 - 85,000.  
45,500 words done since the challenge began, 11,500 last month.
Where I'm at in First Draft - Chapter 20.
What I did last - Killed the love triangle mwa ha ha.