Saturday, 28 June 2014

having grumpy days

Remember I was doing the #100happydays? It was fun, but it went on and on and on, and it did seem a bit superficial.  I decided to balance it out a bit with #10grumpydays.

This is how it went:

Day 1: and this scene greets me.  Thanks for tidying up then.  Honestly, I think we need more staff around here.

Day 2: Every time we take the kids somewhere they throw a collective hissy fit... ten minutes into the journey it is forgotten, but I could seriously do without it.
Day 3: Every day I give the kids a packed lunch I include carbs, protein, calcium, and crunchy fruit or veg, plus maybe a chocolate biscuit or something.  The lunch comes back with the yogurt and biscuit eaten, half the carbs and protein eaten, and the fruit and veg virtually untouched.  Sigh.
Day 4: Lovely to have fun with friends, but is the screaming really necessary?
Day 5: The cat comes inside from playing in the dirt outside to use the indoor toilet.  Because I needed to clean up more poo.  Grrr.
Day 6: I am being 'helped' in the garden by the little girl.  One teaspoon of earth at a time.  AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!
Day 7: Dodging the poo in town.  Why can't dog owners pick up after their dogs?  I get that I was just complaining about cats pooing inside, but at least they bury their poo.  Our town council have taken to spraying poo with red hair spray in an effort to make dog owners think twice about it.  Just goes to show that you can't gild a turd, but you can roll it in glitter... which would be just about as useful.
Day 8: And I am still sitting at the kitchen table watching the little girl wave a carrot stick long after everyone else has left the table.
Day 9:  I need to photoshop this picture so it has one of those handwritten signs, like dog owners use to shame their dogs.  What would it read?  'When I get directions wrong I blame my wife'.
Day 10: There are plenty of other things to do, but I really wouldn't mind catching up on The Good Wife, but there's wall to wall football/cricket/tennis.  Football in particular is awful to watch.  They hardly score any goals, but seem to spend most of their time rolling around on the floor because they've stubbed their toe.  Instead of giving them extra time they should go into time out.

It is actually kind of lovely to have a little rant every day.  It also made me realise that I actually spend a lot less time being grumpy than I thought I did.  I don't think I'd want to do it for more than 10 days though.

Have you done your #10grumpydays yet?

Find more on my #100happydays posts here.  More photo projects are coming up soon.

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