Wednesday, 25 June 2014

loving New Model Army

I'm a big fan of New Model Army.  They're from my bit of Yorkshire (as are the Kaiser Chiefs - also a good band), and I grew up dancing in clogs, arms flailing as I sang along with classics like Vagabonds, Betcha, and, my favourite, 225.

New Model Army are most famous for their song Green and Grey, which considers a friend's leaving the North to live in London, and get a good job.  The conclusion is that they're letting the side down, which was a fair point, coming from Bradford at the time.  Although maybe a little defeatist.

Mind you, I don't think New Model Army could have forseen in their wildest dystopian imaginings what was about to be done to Bradford, by its own council.  The heart of beautiful city of faded industry was ripped out, and while it lay dissected on the operating table, the money ran out.  They've made some efforts recently, and I'm a big fan of the water park (although it might not have been best to only provide something that vast swathes of Bradfordians wouldn't be able to use for the sake of modesty), but with all the money that has poured into Leeds of late it doesn't look as if Bradford is ever going to be more than the poor relation again.

For more upbeat New Model Army, my friend Mary reminded me of the sheer unadulterated joy of dancing to Vagabonds with friends.  Legs set wide, hands crossed at the wrists, head turning side to side.  And the added bonus of the very lovely Ed.  Ah, I remember when all the lads wore army surplus boots.

And finally, I've just got to share my favourite song: 225.  It's dated horribly, but I love the luddite ethos of it (even though I've never been that way inclined myself).  This one's recorded more recently, and it's another great one to dance to.  I don't know the new guitarist I'm afraid, and I'm not sure what's up with Justin's crazy eyes.  It's filmed in Atlanta, and it looks like it's pretty hot for a Bradford boy.

So, which bands come from near you?  And what are your favourite songs?

I don't know much about bands from Largs yet, but no doubt I'll find out this weekend at Largs live.  Bring it on.  Apparently this is what I've got to look forward to (Brownbear):

I just hope it encourages the kids to practice their guitar playing!

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