Saturday, 14 June 2014

walking in my shoes

So I asked my friends for inspiration.  What suggestions would they make for blog posts?  They came up with lots of ideas.  Some of which I've already done.

One of my friends suggested shoes.



To quote, she suggested the "7 ages of shoes: 1st shoes, toddler shoes, school shoes, party shoes, pulling shoes, mummy's shoes, granny's shoes.... 8 would be the clogs one pops."

When JK Rowling was a guest editor of Woman's Hour, she chose shoes as a topic, so it couldn't be argued that shoes are not interesting to some people.  I suppose they're interesting to me.  So here goes... oh, and I'd love to know something about the shoes that have been important to you through your life.  Care to share?

First shoes/Toddler shoes

First Shoes from Clarks.  You can buy these ones now on
the Clarks website (although you'd be better off getting
a fitting)
I don't remember my own first shoes, but I remember my children's.  We held off as long as we could, but were unwilling to let them walk around outside in socks, and, indeed, were unwilling to keep them inside for walking (which was suggested to us in Clarks!).

Two of my children started walking at 10 months, and the youngest was 9 months.  It was nerve wracking.  They needed shoes, but the only ones available were pre-walkers, so they had those.  They were designed for crawling in, and had flexible soles.  In addition to this, my son had hugely wide feet, so never had any choice.

I'm glad that shoe shopping is much easier now they're bigger.  I'm a big fan of Brantano.

School shoes

Girls school shoe from Clarks.  I wish they made
women's shoes like this.
I remember school shoes.  In particular, I remember the point when I was in Middle School, when I grew out of children's sizes, and had to wear women's shoes.  Except my Mother was a chiropodist, and I wasn't allowed to wear pointed toes or high heels because of the damage they would do to my feet (I'm very glad I didn't by the way), and it seemed impossible to find women's shoes that fit that bill and were black or brown, as required.  So I had to wear men's lace ups.  Oh, it was horrible.

School shoes are still horrible, although I do like the girls boots in the winter.  Boys shoes in particular are basically ALL THE SAME, with varying numbers of velcro straps.  On the subject of velcro.  All hail the inventors of velcro.  Who cares if kids never learn to tie their laces?  Easy and fast fastening (and hilarious to witness attempts to remove them quietly).

For girls, Lelly Kelli's have tried to cash in on school shoes (and I notice they're now coming with free hair colourant instead of makeup, so they're not quite as awful as they were), with sparkles etc, but it doesn't really work within the dress code.  I hate school dress codes.  Wouldn't it be much better if kids wore trainers to school?  I guess then they'd get all the chavtastic brand stuff going on.  Sigh.

Party shoes

My daughter's party shoes.  We don't save them for
When I was a kid I had a pair of red patent T bar shoes with a Rainbow on the front.  They were amazing.  I loved those shoes.  I loved them so much I tried to squish my feet into them long after they didn't fit.  Sadly, Mum wasn't having it.

They were the last pair of party shoes I had.  I've never had the kind of shoes that lots of women seem to have, which hurt your feet, but you'll wear to go dancing.  What's that about?  Poor boys (and men), they just get to wear school shoes, the whole time.

I did have shoes I loved though.  My Doc Martens boots were pretty awesome - they were the safety boot style because that was a bit wider.  My favourite shoes ever were my silver Walkley's clogs.  They were black when I bought them, but I sprayed them silver with car spray paint (worked very well - also good on umbrellas).  They were ladies style clogs with a strap fastening, and I had metals on the heel (which were very slippy in supermarkets).  They were loud, they were made to measure, they made me taller without damaging my feet.  They were awesome.

Pulling shoes

I couldn't find any rubber granny boots, but these
are nice.  From Alternative Footwear
You could probably put this in with party shoes, eh?  However, pulling shoes really does bring to mind high heels, and I must confess, I have had some in the past.  I had a nice pair of black rubber granny boots, which were very sweaty, and would make my feet cramp horribly.  They didn't get a lot of wear.

If I went out with someone who was more than 6'4" I did sometimes wear a heel, so as not to look too tiny, but I could never get on with them.  I must admit, when I see people wearing them, I just think they look odd.  Especially these vertiginous efforts you get nowadays (old gimmer alert).

My feet (complete with midge bite
Mummy's shoes

My shoes since becoming a Mum are similar to what they were before, except that now I don't need to bother about them ever being smart.  Grin.  

The unfortunate side of this is that I don't bother getting new ones until they actually have irreparable holes in them.  I'm going to have to admit defeat on my Vans soon.

I have a hankering for something like the lovely shoes you used to buy at Made to Last in Leeds, but I'm not sure where to go locally.  Hmmm.  Any suggestions?

Granny's shoes

To tell the truth, Granny's shoes are very similar to Mummy's shoes around here.  In truth, my Mum, my Mother in law, and I all have an identical pair of shoes (from Clarks - shocker) - pictured (on me), which causes much confusion.

I have the same size feet as my Mum, and as my Granny had, and it has got easier to find shoes in our size, but it's still not a walk in the park.  I can't imagine how difficult it must have been for my Granny!

Popping clogs

I was gutted on the day my silver clogs died.  But not willing to buy another pair.  I'm not a cloggie any more.  Imagine stepping on little fingers.  I couldn't bear it.

So the question now is what shoes to die in?  And what shoes to be buried in?  I'm going for socks for both if I get my way, or nothing.  I want to die when I'm old, surprisingly, in my sleep.  Fingers crossed.

So now it's your turn.  Tell me about your 7 ages of shoes.  Or just special shoes.  

Meanwhile, is the football making you grumpy?  Take a photo of it and mark it with #10grumpydays, and join in the fun.

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