Friday, 4 July 2014

one week down

We're one week into the holidays and we're still getting used to the idea. I think there is a bit of readjusting to spending time together, rather than having the structure of school, but also lots of the kids friends have taken the first chance they've had to run for the hills. There have been arguments.

I'm a little jealous of those that have got away straight away.

We start our school holidays so much earlier than the schools in England so it's great to dash down south and have days out while the English kids are still at school. Usually that's what we do, heading down to Ilkley, in Yorkshire, where my folks live (and where I grew up) to enjoy walks on the moors and playdays at the lido before the place is mobbed.
However, this year my folks have gone on holiday themselves for the first week of our holidays, so we're hanging out in Largs, and thereabouts.

We've explored new and unsuccesful techniques of loom band weaving, and been put to shame by the creations of a friend. He's a dad, who attempted with his daughter to follow the instructions, and ended up loom banding at night by the light of an instructional video on YouTube. He has created a triple linked chain band (those in the know say 'oooh'), and is going for a rainbow starburst next. I like loom banding, it is calming and strangely mesmerising, plus the end result is not bad at all. It's a bit like hama beads. I love making stuff out of hama beads. Of course, with both of these things, although they're ostensibly for children, it often seems to be the parents that end up 'fixing' them, or spending their evenings completing them. That sounds like a complaint, but it's not. Not really. It is a pleasant thing to do, and it's better than leaving all the little plastic bands or beads lying around until they get taken up again.

We've also spent lots of time playing computer games, Minecrafting, Clashing Clans (the boy is doing very well, and Kenny is trying to beat him, but failing), and, this morning, playing The Sims (my favourite game).

But the most fun has of course been had outside. Digging in the sand, and fishing in rock pools at Fairlie, getting on our bikes for a spin, and working in the garden. It's coming together, it really is. Completion of the patio should happen very soon.

Hope you're having fun filled holidays?

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