Saturday, 9 August 2014

driving the kids around

We don't live in the city, and we're too far from the school to walk. The bus service was withdrawn before we moved here, so we're always in and out of the car.

Because we've got three children, and all were, at one point, in car seats, we had to get a great big car to fit the seats in properly. We don't need such a big car now the oldest is in a normal seat, but I'm hardly going to switch cars because of that.

I know some people would, but to be honest with you, I find cars incredibly boring, and just want one that works and that can be relied on.  We switched to this one when the last one became unreliable, and we'll switch again when we have to.  Hopefully the next one won't be so big because a great big car is a pain when you're passing on narrow roads, or parking in the teensy weensy parking spaces which seem to be the thing at the moment.

I'm not a huge fan of driving, and I don't think I'm brilliant at it. I'm overly cautious at times, and I'm not a great fan of tricky parking spaces (although I am better at them in a smaller car). But I am aware that I'm usually driving with children, and I do try to set a good example.  I avoid speeding, and I avoid swearing, and I stress how important it is to be polite.  However, I think it's alright to call people numpties, right?  And it must surely be alright to say "no, don't bother saying thank you, I enjoyed sitting here while you blocked the road and didn't let me through even though it was my right of way," right?

The Scottish Government are running an advert about driving with kids in the car at the moment.  In case you haven't seen it it's here:

To tell the truth, me being a sassanach, I can't really make out what they're all saying, but you get the gist. There's also a website, which highlights some of the things people often do, which are teaching their children bad driving habits.  I took the quiz, and came out pretty well, although I know I could do better.  Couldn't we all?

In case you're wondering how to improve your no doubt awesome driving, here's some good advice from Scottish children:

There's a competition too, but I'm not going to tell you about it, because then we might not win!

Do you manage to set a good example to the passengers in your car?

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