Thursday, 28 August 2014

looking forward to September

September is a special time in our house.

There's all the usual stuff; getting settled back into school, and after school clubs (the big girl is VERY excited about starting Brownies this year), the weather cooling, but still being nice enough for plenty of walks and cycle rides.

But added to that is the excitement of TWO birthdays.  The big girl will be 7 this year, the boy will be 9, the presents, the parties, the birthday teas, it's all good.  And now that we live in Largs we also have The Viking Festival to look forward to.

Last year it was 750 years since Largs was invaded by the Vikings in 1263, and we had a massive do to celebrate.  It was really good fun, but the best news is that it happens every year!
Last year's parade

We're kicking off this weekend with the parade on Saturday and opening ceremony, with music and various displays of fighting and aerobatics (weather permitting) all weekend.  Plus there are markets on the prom - food, craft, a  Vintage market, and a 'Global' market.

This year there will be a Viking Village set up (which the kids really enjoyed last year), which will be peopled by the Swords of Dalriada re-enactment group (who are rather lovely).  There will also be Viking traders from all over, so it'll be a top destination for early Christmas shopping.  School parties go down to the Viking village through the week, and I will be there, asking the re-enactors random questions.

Coin minting in the Viking Village last year
To be honest, I find re-enactors really useful for book research. I ask the women lots of questions about clothes and weaving techniques, and last year spent a while being shown what the blacksmith would do with a broken sword.  It's great to feel the heat of the fire, and see the heavy clothes the smith needs to wear.  On the clothes front, I learned that Vikings wore woven socks, as knitting had not been invented.  The re-enactors wear authentic socks, and say that they're rather hot in the summer.

The following weekend is my daughter's birthday, and on the Friday night there's a torch lit procession to light the Aubery beacon, complete with fire dancers, but Saturday is the Party at the Pencil, with the battle reenactment, the burning of the Viking longship and FIREWORKS!

Can't wait.

Other stuff we're looking forward to in September is the little girl hopefully downgrading to a lighter (purple sparkly) cast.  She's got her next appointment in two weeks, so fingers crossed for that. 

What are you looking forward to in September?

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