Thursday, 18 September 2014

going back to school with Getting Personal

OK, so this is a little bit late, and I'm sorry about that, but perhaps if your children are finding it tricky settling in to a new class, these could perk them up a bit... and they'd also make good birthday presents.

I should note that I'm not being paid for this post, but I did get the stuff for free, and what great stuff! I got one present for each of the children, so let me tell you about them:

First up I got a notebook for the big girl. She loves to play schools, and a notebook will encourage her to do more writing, which is always a good thing, right?  This one is a cute design and is totally personalisable. We've put her name on it, and an encouraging message. This is one of LOADS of notebooks, many of which are beautifully personalisable, which you'll find over at the Getting Personal website.  You'll have to Google it I'm afraid, as Getting Personal have asked me to remove all links.

As you can see, she's a big fan, and look! The owl matches her school uniform.  The notebook costs £5.99, is lovely quality, and ringbound, and it arrived in just a few days.

Next up we got a personalised book on starting school for the little girl. It's got a cute bunny on it, and her name on every page (sometimes several times). It is suitable for boys and girls, and the story is not bad. Not on a par with The Gruffalo, but fine. She absolutely loved being able to spot her name on every page.

Now the little girl is 4, and if we lived in England she'd be starting school this year. I would say that this book is about the right age for her now. We live in Scotland, and she's got a year left of nursery before starting school, and I'm glad we've got the book now. It's good for working up to the idea of her being in school (which I'm sure will be fine, but starting nursery was sooo hard for her).  The book costs £9.99. It took just over a week to arrive.

The little girl was too busy reading the book to pose with it, as you can see, so I've used the stock picture from the website so you can see what it looks like.

Last up is the pencil case I got for the boy. It is HUGE! Much bigger than it looks on the website, but it seems well constructed, and the boy has whisked it straight off to school. He loves it. He reckons he'll be able to get the contents of his school drawer into it.

This is one of a few different pencil cases available from Getting Personal.

The pencil case was sent to us all the way from Australia. It took over a fortnight to arrive, so don't leave it until the last minute!

To tell the truth, I approached Getting Personal to ask if I could do this blog post, because I am a big fan. All their stuff is well done, and high quality. I especially love their personalised calendars, which make excellent Christmas presents (if, like me, you're already thinking Christmas presents). 

Have you bought anything that was personalised?  What did you get?