Sunday, 9 November 2014

decorating the boy's room

So the boy has been bugging me for a while about painting his room.

He wants it lime green.


I got some paint swatches, and checked out some inspiration on Pinterest (I LOVE Pinterest), and managed to come to a compromise.

I'd paint part of his room lime green, the rest would remain white.

It took me AGES to do the painting - mainly due to ineptitude with masking tape, but it's finished today, so I made the room look as fancy as it's going to, and took some pictures.

He loves the cushions; they came off the sofa, so I feel a trip to IKEA coming on to get replacements, although IKEA doesn't seem to be doing my colour scheme at the moment, so I'll be researching cushions shortly. I may also look for a new rug. This is his old one, which is the right colours, but is football themed, and my boy hates football.

He also fancies a white stag head for the green wall. Happily his Grandad is working on that one.

Here it is, I'd love to see your recent decorating projects too: