Sunday, 2 November 2014

enjoying the silence

Anyone else got a Depeche Mode song in their heads right now?

This picture has nothing to do with this blog post. But it's so pretty, I just like to look at it.

Taken in Pitlochry, from the Hydroelectric Dam, by the way.

I dropped my 'phone into water this morning.

It's rather nerve-wracking. My tablet was nowhere to be seen (I'll find it shortly), so I had no means of finding out what to do! Obviously I fished it out straight away, but after that, all I could think of was to get it dry. Quick. And not to press any buttons.

Turns out that was the right thing to do. Although we did use a hairdryer on it, and that's the wrong thing to do, because it pushes the water in.

For future reference, what you do is take it out. Dry it. Take it to bits (get that battery out if it's not built in), and hoover it for about 20 minutes. That should pull most of the water out. After that, put it in a container with some dessicant (eg. dry rice), and cross your fingers. You can get much better instructions here.

I'm at the crossing fingers stage, and it's odd, because I am still automatically doing the things I do, to listen to the things I listen to all day. Every time I go to connect my 'phone to the bluetooth radio in the kitchen, or to physically connect it to the stereo in the bedroom, I'm reminded it's not there, and that I'm so used to listening to my podcasts, and my music (on my 'phone) that I'm a bit lost without it.

So, I'm enjoying the silence. Well, as silent as you can get with three children in the house.

It's actually quite nice, and it feels a little calmer. I'd like to say I'd build a little more silence into my life, but if that 'phone comes out alive, I will only commit to enjoying more silence near water.

Fingers crossed.

What do you listen to all day?