Saturday, 8 November 2014

helping out

I have spent my Saturday evening backstage at The Wizard of Oz, looking after 10 girls and one boy while they were in the dressing room.

I am so glad it's over.

I am a firm believer that as a parent, sending my children to be looked after by other people, I should help where I can. So I help out at school occasionally, I'm on the school parent council, and when the drama club needs people to help out backstage I put my name forward. 

In all these things I am assuming (wrongly) that all the other parents who can will be doing the same.

They're not.

Tonight there was a distinct lack of parent helpers to look after the over-tired and over-stimulated hordes of children (well, they felt like hordes anyway). It seems unlikely that all these parents were too busy or had some other reason for not helping; perhaps they just thought that someone else was doing it.

Being one of those 'someone else's I'd like to ask parents who assume it's covered if they could please offer to help when they can.

It's great for the kids to get to do these big shows, but anything big like this needs more people, and if there are too many people you'll be told.

Similarly, if you can help out with nursery kids library books, it would be much appreciated, especially by your nursery child who'll be showing you off.

Right now I'm drinking wine and eating ice cream. Thank heavens that's over!

What have you been up to this Saturday night? Please make it something more exciting than me.