Tuesday, 11 November 2014

sewing on badges: where to put your Brownie patches

My big girl took her Brownie promise last night with a load of her friends. They got their badges, and also earned their first patch - for navigation. Top work ladies.

She rose above her brother taunting her that the promise could be summed up as 'I promise to do as I'm told, and to pretend to believe in your weird god', although he does have a point.

However, once you've got these badges you need to sew them on, and Brownies (as well as Rainbows and Guides) are a lot more laid back nowadays about where they should go, so there is no national/worldwide guidance, but my girl likes to look like her friends, so I sought some guidance about where to put the badges. In an effort to be useful, I'm sharing it with you!

badges on sash (please note, this is the wide
My daughter has a sash, so I used this image for guidance. It's from Girlguiding Stroud and Tetbury, and you'll find the source page here.

However, you can also sew badges onto the Brownies T-shirt (like her best friend's Mum has), or the hoodie. The guidance I've seen also talks about sewing badges on the gilet, but I've never seen anyone wear the gilet (and it wasn't in the shop where I bought my daughter's uniform). 

However, in case you've got a gilet, the 5th Wimborne Brownies have provided this guidance about where to sew your badges (see images below).

If you're sewing badges on to a hoodie or T-shirt, you can do it like the gilet, plus you've got the sleeves so it's not so crowded.

front of gilet. Please note that interest badges
can also be put where the rectangular badges are
on this gilet.
If you are planning to sew them onto the hoodie then bear in mind that she will be wearing it until she moves to Guides at age 10, so buy a big one (unless you fancy transferring all those badges!).

Of course, Brownies are free to do as they wish with their badges, they can keep them at home if they would rather, and it really doesn't matter where they are sewn. Have a look at what the other Brownies are wearing to see what your pack tends to do.

Similarly to Brownies, it doesn't really matter where Rainbow's badges are sewn, but the suggestion below from Ist Bretton Rainbows might be useful. If you've got a hoodie, you can follow the same pattern on that (or not).

back of gilet
By the time the girls are Guides, I do hope they'll be sewing their own badges on! The Scout and Guide Shop provides some guidance in a pdf you'll find here, but Guides can also have a look at what their friends have done in deciding where to sew their badges (themselves).

Were you a Brownie/Scout/Guide/Similar thing? I went to Guides for a while, but never did the promise because of the whole god-nonsense thing. Still, I'm glad my daughter goes to Brownies, because she loves it (although she loved Rainbows more).