Friday, 14 November 2014

travelling in time

I enjoyed listening to a podcast earlier today on the economic impact of a zombie apocalypse (you'll find it here), and it inspired me to take a bit of a leap in imagination myself.

So, my question today is, when would you travel to if you had a time machine?

Personally, I'm hoping that my time machine is like the tardis, and can move in space as well, although I'd stay on this planet.

First of all, I'd want to go back to when my Grandparents were young, and see for myself what it was like, and what their parents were like while they were still alive.

Then I'd jump back into the tardis and find out what happened to the Princes in the Tower. Or, better yet, steal them away and bring them into the future, at a point when time travel is accepted as possible. I'd then get them DNA tested, and set up their claim to the throne. I imagine some opportune marriages with the House of Windsor might be required.

Why? Because I'm a Yorkist of course! 

So when would you go?