Monday, 29 December 2014

making resolutions: sleep

It makes sense to follow up my last post, reviewing 2014, with a post talking about resolutions for 2015, and here it is.

I'm working on me in 2015, getting healthier and hopefully happier, and there are various things I'm planning on to do that.

Today I saw a link to this article by Dr Samantha Rodman on good resolutions to make: 10 New Year's Resolutions That Could Actually Change Your Life I have mixed feelings about Dr Rodman. She calls herself a 'blogapist', and says things about her expertise, A LOT. It comes across as trumpet blowing, although, perhaps that's because I'm British and she's American. She also seems rather flippant, but that could be lighthearted. That said, she is spookily insightful in lots of ways, and her blog is worth checking out (here).

If you have a look at Rodman's Resolutions they are all things which look pretty achievable, but actually, you need a bit of a shove for.

So I thought I'd take (some of) them one at a time, do them for 30 days, and see if they make a difference, and also, if they do, if they might become habits.

I'm starting off with number 1 (this quote is taken from the Huffington Post Article):
My cat rocks at sleeping.
1. Get enough sleep.Yes, I am all for quality time with your spouse or kids, but let's be honest, that's not why you're up until midnight (and then up again at 6 a.m.).  It's usually one of the following: messing around on the Internet, watching TV, or housework. I don't think any of these things are worth missing sleep for (and I will elaborate on each of these below as well), since sleep is so important for health, mood, weight management, psychological health, and more. When you don't sleep, you're irritable, you can't accomplish much, you snack on crappy food, and depression and anxiety can get worse. You owe it to yourself to go upstairs by 10 or 10:30, and then no electronic devices in bed, because they can mess up your sleep too.
She's right. I am staying up until midnight most nights, and faffing around. I am messing around on the Internet (hello), or folding laundry, etc, and I am overtired - faffy, grumpy, snacking on rubbish, and depressed. And my skin is rubbish too. I do get woken up in the night most nights, and I get woken in the morning around 6.30am most days. I can't stay up until midnight. 

I remember reading an interview with Liv Tyler saying she went to bed at 9pm when she needed to be beautiful for something to avoid eating and drinking rubbish. Sounds like a plan.

So I'm setting an alarm on my ever-present 'phone for 10pm to tell me to go to bed.

I know she says you shouldn't have electronic devices in bed, but I'm going to anyway. I might need it! But I shall try very hard not to faff on t'internet, and I shall keep track of my progress.

I'm starting tonight (because why put it off), for 30 nights (to 28 Jan), and I better get on with it because it's nearly 10pm. 

Do you get enough sleep?