Sunday, 28 December 2014

reviewing 2014

My aspiration for this year was to get published.

Have I achieved this? Well, yes, but not in the way I had planned. Still, a win is a win.

I've self published blog posts and a poem (and joined Hello Poetry - here), and I've also become a columnist for my local paper (sadly they don't put my column online). Hello Largs and Millport

I've had a piece published in the Guardian, and got paid for it! It was only very small, but it was there. So that's me published. Mission accomplished.

Talking of broadsheets, I was also in the Telegraph in 2014 in a piece by Alice Vincent about 'achingly cool' Mums on Instagram. Lol. It's the first time I've been a cool kid. There are links to my Instagram account on the right if you're on a computer, but you'll also find me here.

I must admit that I'm dissapointed I've not had any of my fiction published yet, and I'm frustrated with progress on the book. However, life happens, and my kids won't be this age again. There is still time enough.

I've loved taking lots of photos in 2014, and intend
to keep it up in 2015. Will you be joining me with
  Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day? Or Snap Happy BritMums?
What I have done on the writing front (apart from blogging) is finish the first draft of my book, had my first batch of short story refusals, attempted, and ditched a memoir (which I'm thinking of starting again), won a competition with a blog post, and got energised about poetry.

I don't feel like I'm good enough, but that's OK, doing it anyway is the way forward. That and reading everything.

2014 has also seen our family making more friends and getting more settled in Largs, which is great, and I have joined a choir and loved singing again (more on the choir soon). We also had a wee disaster at the end of the summer holidays when the little girl drastically broke her arm, but it's healed well, and is getting straighter by the day.

In 2015 I'm focusing on some personal goals, but I'll still keep trying to get a story published. And I'll work on more for The Guardian too. What about you? What were your highlights of 2014, and what's planned for 2015?

Watch this space.