Thursday, 29 January 2015

Enjoying Scottish Literacy Week

Every year across Scotland, all children get a poem to learn. A poem in Scots dialect. A lot of the poems are by Burns, but not all of them.

My Dad likes to see the kids doing their poems, so this post is for him. I've recorded them for you Dad.

The big girl did great with her poem about a conceited frog coming to a sticky end, but didn't get through to the Cronies (when the reciters are judged by a panel of expert judges).

The little girl did a great job reciting her poem in front of her class, but we don't know if she's gone through yet.

And last of all here's the boy reciting his poem (this one is by Burns), which is undoubtedly very difficult. He's only had a few days to learn it, so he's done amazingly so far, and with extra work since this was filmed (I filmed it while the light was good), he now knows verses one and two, has nearly got three, and is very ropey on four. Fingers crossed he does alright tomorrow, but even if he doesn't I reckon he's a star.