Friday, 9 January 2015

happy with hubby: ten reasons why I'm grateful for my husband

As part of my plan to accentuate the positive this year I'm doing the gratitude challenge. I'm on to week two, focusing on my spouse.

So here's ten reasons I'm grateful for my husband:
Here's Kenny being a great Dad, and a
rubbish ice-skater (not as rubbish as me
- I looked after the child who didn't want
to do it)
  1. He does stuff I don't like. I do most of the stuff around the house at the moment. It makes sense, I'm here more after all, but he does jobs I don't like doing, which mainly involve going into the loft (because ladders), and he doesn't make a fuss about it. I also find cooking insanely boring, and he picks up the slack at weekends. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. So to speak.
  2. He's a keeper. He's just got a great attitude to marriage, which I don't take for granted, and which I really appreciate. He weathers the storms, he doesn't hold grudges (much), he doesn't give up, and he doesn't look elsewhere. He also thinks affairs are really bad, which is good for me.
  3. He works like a doozer. We decided, ten years ago now, that I would quit my paid job and look after our family, and he, meanwhile would do his best to progress his career. It works for us, and I really appreciate the hard work and dedication he's put into his work. I know he's not always enjoyed it, but he's always kept going forward in his career, working hard, and I really appreciate it.
  4. He supports my role. Kenny has always been positive about my being a full time mum. It's not just convenient, he also sees the benefit of it and trusts me to either know, or find out what I'm doing. He always supported me in breastfeeding the children, for as long as was right for us. He was less keen on co-sleeping, but he found ways around the problem.
  5. He's got good genes. Of course I'm going to love my kids. That's my job, but I do really love my kids, and I see lots of him in them (lots of me too). They're smart, good looking, belligerent little suckers, and so are we. :-) I'm also incredibly grateful that none of my children have any allergies (yet), because there are lots of allergies in my family, and they're stressful!
  6. He supports my dreams. When we started our family we only envisaged my not getting paid for a few years, reality soon kicked in. Homework needs done and holidays happen. With the way the culture of paid work is at the moment he needs to work a lot, and I need to be really, really flexible (we could swap places, but it seems a waste now he's gone so far). Kenny knew I loved writing and he suggested I do that. I'm really grateful that he gives me the time, and the confidence to do it.
  7. He's got a great family. I do miss my family, living up here in Scotland, but I am very grateful for all the support we get from Kenny's folks, and all the fun we have with his family too. It's helped us, while we've been moving around the country, to always have our families to fall back on when we needed a chat. Thanks.
  8. He sets a good example. OK, not with the crisp eating, but he is a good friend to his friends, he prioritises exploration, discovery, and finding stuff out, he keeps fit, and he's good at thinking of others. He's also good at having fun, which I forget to do, quite often.
  9. He knows me really well. Sometimes Kenny points out things to me, that I don't know about myself, but which I can see, when he says them. He does it kindly too, and it helps me so much, to keep worries in check, and to improve my outlook.
  10. He doesn't hoard stuff. I used to have loads of stuff, I loved lots of candles and pretty things, but then I moved in with Kenny, poor thing. He refused to have the lava lamps, but I kept most other stuff, until we moved to a gorgeous flat in Edinburgh, then he filled a suitcase with random things off mine and hid it for six months. I didn't notice. And that was how I stopped having candles. I still have lots of stuff, but I don't buy half as much tut any more (he would completely disagree that I have overcome the urge to hoard, but honestly Kenny, it could be a lot worse!).
Well, that felt a little saccharine, and I am avoiding the temptation to balance it out by having a good old moan about him. I shall avoid it by asking you to tell me, if you have a significant other, what are you grateful for about him/her? For more gratitudinal posts - click on the word 'gratitude' in the blue words on the right.