Thursday, 29 January 2015

surviving the zombie apocalypse

As I write this, I am snuggled up, safe and warm on my sofa, watching the snow falling out of my living room window. One of the benefits of being a blogger is that this is as far as my commute goes, although I usually work at the kitchen table, which is slightly further. 

this morning's school run
I do still have the joy of driving and walking around Largs in the snow for the school run, shopping, our various clubs, and my love of taking lots of photos, of course. I was impressed this morning by the care drivers were taking on the snowy roads, although I didn't attempt to park near Brisbane Primary, not after the horribly slippy experience of the last snows (dodging sliding cars outside a primary school is not my idea of fun).

Snow is only one of the things which can cause massive travel disruption for Largs though; rain can cascade down the Haylie Brae, wind can make the coast roads impassible, and stop the ferry. It must be a nightmare for people who have to commute out of Largs, or arrange for things to be brought in.

For me though, whenever Largs gets cut off in one way or another, I think that this would be the ideal spot to survive a zombie apocalypse. You must have thought it too? I clearly think it a lot, because this is the second post I've written on the subject. You'll find the first one here.

Let's look at the facts. It's a common theme in zombie stories that the survivors must head out of their city, and into a more rural location, but somewhere where they'll still find tinned food and petrol. They usually head for Scotland. On the way, bad things happen on the road, particularly on motorways, where you get herds of zombies wandering about.
Well, Largs now has three shops full of tinned food, and no motorways. We still have the petrol station, and we could easily put check points on the few roads in and out of town. It's ideal. My husband has pointed out that zombies would probably just come over the tops, which is true, but I think we could spot them coming easily enough, and pick them off. Plus, the cherry on the cake is that if the town did get over-run for some reason, we could all hop on the ferry to Millport. Zombies cannot swim after all.

Perhaps I need to get out more. Bring on spring!

How is the weather with you today? And would your hometown be good for a zombie apocalypse?