Friday, 23 January 2015

watching TV: are you watching more than an hour a day?

Moving on from my wildly succesful attempt to get more sleep, inspired by this from Dr Samantha Rodman, detailing ten useful resolutions to make, we come to the second item on the list.

Dr Rodman suggests you get your TV viewing down to an hour a day. Apparently the average American watches four hours of TV a day! Where do they get the time?!

I've tracked my TV viewing over the last week, and I've only watched more than an hour on one occasion - when I wasn't feeling too well, and I have no desire to reduce the time I'm spending watching any of the programmes I'm watching, so I'm not going to do it.

I wonder if British people are wildly different to Americans or if I'm just a bit weird. To be honest, I can't find enough programmes that are worth watching to fill more than an hour.

How much TV are you watching? And what are you watching?

Here's what I've been watching this last week:

Wolf Hall - it's the new dramatisation of Hilary Mantel's books Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies. I've read Wolf Hall. I can tell you that it's good, because it is, but it's hard work too. The dramatisation is beautifully done, and well worth watching, and Mantel even gives it her blessing (praise indeed!).

Scandal - it's mucky stuff, but I've been watching it for ages, and so I'm willing to accept all the nonsense which goes into this beautifully convoluted tale of love, lust, and power. And the things people will do to hide the ugly truth. I've picked this trailer because it's hilarious, but we've moved on from this now, in series 4. It's highly unlikely that any of it has ever actually happened, but Olivia Pope is based on a real person - Judy Smith.

The last thing I've been watching this week (and what I've been watching most) is Game of Thrones. I'm re-watching the whole thing so far, because I'd like to re-read a Song of Ice and Fire series but I don't have time at the moment. I also listen to podcasts about it, and I got The World of Ice and Fire for Christmas. Not that I'm obsessed or owt. You know nothing...

Here's the trailer for season one. You have time if you are diligent, before season five starts. Or check our the Honest Trailer.