Sunday, 22 February 2015

expressing gratitude to three people: week eight of the gratitude challenge

This week on the gratitude challenge, which by the way I'm feeling good about this week - it ebbs and flows, I'm expressing gratitude to three people.

Three people is hard. I mean, I do have three people I am grateful to, but I'd hate to exclude anybody, and there are bound to be people excluded. Hey ho, let's go. I may cheat.

The first person I am grateful to this week is Clare from The Guardian, who accepted my piece about forgetting to pack pants when travelling to France. I am particularly thrilled that I didn't have to make any changes at all. This is my second bit in The Guardian, and it made me grin from ear to ear. You'll find it here, and the blog post that started it, is here (and was suggested by Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim, so thanks to her as well).

Secondly, as I write it is hailing. I would like to say that I have had enough of Winter already. Didn't it warm up for a bit there? Before the snow came back, and I was de-icing again. I am so sick of lots of things being shut, and the darkness (although that's getting better), and the freaking cold. What does this have to do with gratitude? Well, I want to say thank you to some of my favourite bloggers for talking about this very issue in recent posts. They made me feel better, just knowing someone else was feeling the same way (although I have no room to moan about the cold, compared to Alex from North Story). So big thanks go to:

  • Alex from North Story, for yesterday's post entitled That's Enough Snow Now.
  • Betty Pamper from Pamper and Curves, for yesterday's post entitled You Have The Key To My Heart, which is about a rather fabulous dress, but also sticks a tongue out at Winter and hails the coming of Spring.
  • Last but not least, my thanks go to Foz Meadows of Shattersnipe, for her beautifully articulate and honest account of her Seasonal Affective Disorder. I want to try a light. The title is Light, Breath, Time, and it came out on Thursday.
Daffodills bring me joy - Spring is on it's way.
But I didn't buy any today because my husband has
hayfever. Polishing my halo over here.
The third lot of thanks goes to my husband, who has been a star today, picking up the slack and then some, with recalcitrant children who wouldn't do homework, or go to bed, while I have not been feeling well. It is true that he has given me the lurgy, but I still really do appreciate the time he's given me to go away and rest quietly, and the patience he has demonstrated while I've been whining about being cold and aching. Thanks chuck.

So many thanks to all, and do you like the way I managed to fit six people into thanking three?