Thursday, 26 February 2015

spotting signs of Spring

Whisper it, just in case, but I'm spotting signs of Spring. I've got green leaves appearing in my garden, some flowers are even chancing peeping out. 

Why whisper? Because I don't want the weather gods to notice and punish us again, as they did with the incredible snows of March 22nd 2013, when the snow came so hard and so fast that my husband got to work with nary a worry, but the school was closed a mere hour later. Not that the children played out in it, the wind was so strong that just standing up was a struggle. It took ages for the piles by the road to melt.

Yesterday, the little girl and I went for a walk by the Noddleburn. We saw banks of snowdrops, even the odd crocus, plus, a heron flew past us, which was just magical. It was only a little walk this time, due to wearing the wrong shoes. We're going to explore further with wellies next time. I'm really glad a friend tipped me off about the paths because I love a woodland walk, and I would never have thought of looking behind that gorgeous little house by the bridge, with NETHERHALL written on it in big letters. The little girl thought the house looked like something from Into the Woods. Praise indeed, because that's our new favourite film.

A lovely day for a walk into the woods.

When the temperature went up a bit in mid-February, I decided to plant some seeds to fill the gap left by the departed marigolds in the garden. The tiny seedlings are now beginning to appear, which is bringing me joy, even though the temperature has decidedly gone down again.

I love living in Largs, but towards the end of winter the rain/sleet, and the wind, and the grey sky/sea, and the constantly having to put on gloves and hats and boots (no chore at all until you have to put them on three children as well as yourself), and the horribly soggy garden are really getting me down. We moved here to live near my husband's family, which is great, but I do sometimes wish we all lived somewhere else... like the south of France maybe.

More blue skies are what's needed, and a bit of vitamin D from the sun. Add to that some more colour in the garden. But most of all, I can't wait for more warmth. 

Bring on Spring! But keep it quiet, I really don't want the weather gods stomping on my daffodils again.