Tuesday, 7 April 2015

creative: Today is going to be awesome. Colouring in.

My sister has been up for the Easter weekend, and it was awesome to see her. We ate out, went to the pub, went on day trips. She left with the impression I'm sure that we spend money like water.

In reality we needed to get out of the house because the darling children have been looking forward to a school holiday for so long that they were exploding with energy!

And chocolate, of course.

So now we've calmed down a bit, and we had a lovely day, catching up with friends and doing lots of crafty activities. My favourite of these was a bit of colouring in.

The very lovely Chantelle Elem of Fat Mum Slim had mentioned on her Facebook page that another blog: In the Playroom (a very busy website, which my computer is not fond of), has some awesome free printables.  Check it out here. We loved the page by Valentina Design which says 'Today is going to be awesome'.

Here's what we did with it... 

The boy's is at the top. He lost the will when his mate came 'round and so scribbled a face across it. I do like his text colours though.

Next is the big girl's which uses a lot of her favourite colours. I'm a fan. I especially like the purple flowers.

And then there's mine, which I'm madly in love with, and which uses the red, green, and white (RGW) colour scheme which I currently adore (although having seen my friend's new black kitchen I could think about ditching the RGW).

I am tempted to do another one which would just be a riot of colour. I may well, another day.

Meanwhile you could have a go, either with the free printable or you could buy one of the books. There's lots of fun to be had. I think these would make excellent presents.

If you do have a go, then give us a look at the result will you? You're welcome to share on my Facebook page (and Like me while you're at it), or tag me @ohwedo on Instagram, or #ohwedo.

Looking forward to it.