Wednesday, 15 April 2015

enjoying Easter

Finally! Thank goodness for the weather gods who brought sunshine and warmth to our Easter holidays. Yay!

We have had a busy and fun time during Easter. We've had my sister to visit, and we've been down to Manchester to visit my brother and his family (and, of course, go to Legoland Discovery Centre, thanks to our Tesco Boost tickets).

We have also had days at home, filled with crafting and hordes of kids playing near the house and in the local park, and we've done day trips.

We have done lots of Easter crafts, and made an unholy mess rolling/chucking painted eggs down a hill (I tidied it up, but I'm told when they do it with nursery the seagulls eat it).

We had a fun day out Easter Egg hunting at Kelburn, where we met their new chicks, enjoyed wandering about, and playing in the Secret Forest and the fort, plus the playbarn which has had a wee makeover and is looking much tidier.

The Lighthouse - one viewing
platform from the other.
We went on the train to Glasgow, and coaxed my sister into a lift (and then concentrated on not letting the boy jump!), to go up to the viewing platform in The Lighthouse. We also climbed the 137 stairs to look out across Glasgow. Happily it was a beautiful day.

We travelled over to Falkirk to meet the awesome Kelpies, which made me think I want a proper camera (I just use my 'phone - a Nexus 4 for pictures you'll find at @ohwedo on Instagram). We paid for a tour, to go inside the Kelpies which gave us the
A view from The Lighthouse
opportunity for a quick science lesson (on why the metal panels were hot on the sunward side and cold on the shadow side), and to take more pictures. The Kelpies are magnificent, and I love the idea of shape-shifting water monsters. They may make an appearance in a story at some point.

Added to that, we've been to see Big Hero 6, which was fabulous, especially the bit where they go through a small window. None of the kids wanted to see Cinderella, so I was glad Big Hero 6 was still on for a rainy day.

We've eaten out at Nardini's and The Willow Tea Rooms in Glasgow - because my sister was visiting, and it was fun.

And we are knee deep in eggs from lots of generous people. Thank you!

So, what have you been up to?

Duke - one of The Kelpies