Monday, 6 April 2015

happy in March

March was not on the face of it a very happy month.

The weather, as they say here in (currently sunny) Scotland was mainly mince (that means bad).

We all seemed to get sick in one way or another at some time.

And Spring has not been coming in fast enough.

BUT! Summer IS a comin' in, and winter is away-o, and I am attempting to focus on the positive.

To do this, throughout March I have been doing the #100happydays challenge (you can see all the pics on Instagram). Taking a picture of something that makes me happy every day for 100 days... I'm not finished yet, but here is some of what has been making me happy so far.

27 March - the little girl is chuffed with her new ballet costume

22 March - the photo doesn't do this gorgeous blue crane justice

2 March - I finished making the Christmassy cushion!

13 March - the little girl's first attempt to write something other than her name. Thank you.

12 March - very happy about the new school getting the go ahead.

1st March - love shopping with my big girl (who knew I'd ever love shopping!)

28 March - fun with the kids

29 March - it's a conspiracy I tell you!

23 March - I got a new swimming costume, and it fits me! This is all the photographic evidence you are getting.

4 March - loving walks in the woods

25 March - I am scared of this bridge, but happy to walk in the woods

18 March - feeling very ill, but feeling ill outside, in the sunshine!

Care to join me for #100happydays?