Thursday, 16 April 2015

using these apps: my 5 favourite Android apps right now - 2015

I did a post last year about my favourite apps, and noticed that they've changed, so thought I'd do an updated one for 2015.

What are your favourite apps at the moment? Here are my top 5:

1. Google Keep.

What my Google Keep looks like
So this is very similar to the Evernote app I was raving about last year. You can keep notes, photos, and lists together, and access them when you want. I use it for story ideas, blog post ideas, information that I want to keep hold of, all sorts. Why has it eclipsed Evernote in my fan list? It's more colourful. Sorry Evernote.

2. Remember the Milk

I used to love Astrid. Astrid was an amazing to do list app which worked absolutely brilliantly. It was so good that Yahoo bought it and moved all the staff to Yahoo's own projects, closing Astrid down. That is the main reason why I don't like Yahoo. I have never found a replacement app as good as Astrid, but Remember the Milk is pretty close. It does replicate tasks sometimes, but it is good for repeating tasks, and scheduling tasks. All the boring stuff which is much better done on an app than on paper (if you're me at least.

3. Out of Milk

This is a really useful app for sharing lists with my husband. He can add things to the shopping list as I'm on my way to the shops, and up they pop. We also share lists on things to do for holidays and the like. The folks at Out of Milk have changed things up recently, adding lots of categories, which would be fine, if the items actually went into the right categories, but mostly they end up under 'Other'. Still it's a good idea, which will reduce missing things when they get it sorted out. My other wish for this app is that you could copy and paste the whole shopping list into online shopping lists for Tesco, Asda and the like. But if they get too good Yahoo will buy them and they'll close down. Maybe.

4. Instagram

I was a latecomer to Instagram, but I love it. It feels like such a positive space on the internet, and I love jumping onto the photo prompt ideas. I also get to follow lots of inspirational people's photos, which is great. I love that you can't pinch other people's stuff (as easily) on Instagram as other platforms too.

If I don't want my photo to be square then I use No Crop to surround them with white (or patterned etc) space.

I like the photo editing you can do on Instagram, and don't tend to bother with other photo editing apps much. My favourite filters are Ludwig, Valencia, and Lo-Fi. There should be a blog post on Instagram coming your way soon.

5. Dock Clock

This app makes the phone display the time in big numerals on a black background. I use it while I'm in bed and the 'phone is charging, and it makes my 'phone into an alarm clock. To be honest, the 'phone displays the time anyway, but it is too small for me to see easily from a distance in the night, so this is great. Simple. Boring. And great. You can make the numberals red so they're not too bright too. Here's the time when I wrote this.

I am also looking forward to the Little Moment's App coming to Android.

So, over to you. What are your favourite apps at the moment?