Wednesday, 6 May 2015

getting ready to vote: music to vote by

Don't worry, no blatant electioneering for any party here, just three tracks which are in my mind as we head into the general election tomorrow.

I'd love to hear your suggestions to add to the list.

The first one is an in-car favourite, which inspired me to write this post. Supremacy by Muse. If I did ever get to have another life, I would like one in which I could sing like Matt Bellamy gets to. Also, I could have done with some of that makeup when I was a teenager, because mine was not waterproof, at all.

This one I'd forgotten about, but it's in Need for Speed: Most Wanted, which is very popular with my son and his cousin. The makeup isn't quite as good, but they're young. My apologies that this isn't a great quality video, but the tune is still good. Galvanise by the Chemical Brothers.

Last up we have this little wonder from 1975 - surely those hips should have been outlawed? Sad to hear of Errol Brown's death today, but hopefully he can inspire you to vote for a miracle.

See, I was good. No electioneering whatever. What are your tunes to inspire on our way into the polling booth?