Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Weather Project: Reviewing May

 "You know, I control the weather with my moods. I just can't control my moods is all." - Nick Cave in 20,000 Days on Earth (2014) 

Are you having trouble seeing the difference since
the last dreary week?
Seriously May? Is this the best you can do?

It's chuffing freezing and it's still raining, with no end to this cheerless dreary weather in sight.

May you've set a low bar for June. 

June I see from the forecast that you're starting the way May left off. Snap out of it.
How's the weather with you?

I haven't done very well at keeping a weather diary this week.

It is so boring. 
Well, it is the way I've been doing. I suspect Nick Cave is more creative.

I thought I'd be a bit more creative too. After all, something saying that I feel happier when it's warm and sunny but other things affect my mood too is hardly worth reading eh?

So, first up, a description: 
The weather this week has been mainly cloudy, with plenty of rain, and some sun. Everything is greening up nicely, although there's quite a lot of brown mud in there too. Some plants in the garden are growing lots (mainly weeds, but the irises are showing promise too, which is incredible given that they're basically in a bog), and some are still suffering from the nasty weather.

The mood? Terrible. Sad. Isolated. Want to eat pizza and wrap up in a blanket and watch Avengers movies with my boy. We have not had a good week in my family (nothing I'm going to talk about), so I couldn't say I feel this way because of the weather.

But it hasn't helped.

As for creativity; I've mainly been cleaning, and catching up on the stuff I wasn't doing while I was working on Chapter five... Any thoughts about writing even a haiku based on the weather resulted in me singing this song.  That did cheer me up though. Result.

Next week will be flaming June (FLAMING JUNE, YOU HEAR ME?), and the temperature might even get above 12C. You never know.

Look! Sunshine, and little fluffy clouds! And yet the tree still has no leaves because it is chuffing baltic.